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Online trainingWelcome to Everyone for Gun Safety.  We’ve collected online firearms safety information for you here at one website.  There is a lot to learn about having a firearm in your home.  That is why we  start with general information about being a safe firearms owner.  Then we cover tips for parents with young children who want to know how to treat a gun in their home. 

The material for children.. well it isn’t only for children.  These safety materials are also a good starting place if you have roommates or relatives who’ve never had basic firearms training.  Take this information at your own pace as your experience grows.

Every third home has a firearm, so you want to be familiar with firearm safety even if you don’t own a gun yourself.  We make the distinction between a gun you have under your control and a gun your children find.

There are also limits to online education.   That means you need some hands-on experience.  Sooner or later you should take a basic firearms safety class.  That is where you can explore a firearm and shoot under supervision.  We suggest that you reviewing the material on this site before you have a training session.  That will help you make sense of what your instructor is saying.  Reviewing this materiel after a lesson will help reinforce the lessons you received.

Should you own a gun for self-defense?  Some people wonder if they have the right to defend themselves.  Oleg Volk approaches that question in a thoughtful way at his site A Human Right.  I learned about the right of self-defense even though I thought I had all the answers.

General Resources- Want more to read?  There are things to consider even if you’ve never been shooting before.  Kathy Jackson is a great trainer and writer.  I particularly recommend everything she has posted under the headings of  firearms safety, kids and guns.  If you want more, read about the basics of shooting at her website the Cornered Cat.com

Women and Guns- Women new to firearms may find the site The Well Armed Woman to be a great starting place.  Everyone can benefit from reading their safety page.  Some women wonder if there is room for them in the firearms community.  Natalie Foster puts that concern to rest at a Girl’s Guide to Guns.  Natalie also has a fun video titled Love At First Shot / First Trip to the Range.

Women are welcome and needed.  There are more resources for women at Girls Just Wanna Have Guns and at A Girl and a Gun Club.

Facts About Gun Safety in Society- Some people wonder if guns make us safer or less safe.  That is a reasonable question.  The first source of information is Gun Facts.  If you’re feeling scholarly, the second source is a report from Dr. John Lott’s Crime Prevention Resource Center.  That should get you started.


JG Talking to ChildrenKids and Guns-
  Learn to safely handle firearms and keep firearms away from young children in your home.  This five minute video with Julie Golob is a good introduction-
Parents Talking with Their Kids About Gun Safety.

kids and guns TW P.

This half hour video titled Kids and Guns by Tatiana Whitlock talks about gun safety in more depth.  It is 30 minutes long, but remains an overview.

Here are safety videos for adults with ”Firearms Safety Depends On You” and “Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette”.  They are for a general audience.

What if you already have a gun in your home?  You’re a gun owner and want your children to be safe around guns.  Watch Nutnfancy’s “Children of the Gun”, part one  and part two.  It is a heartfelt look at firearms competence for young adults.  Nutnfancy wants you to take the mystery away from firearms for your children.  Firearms should not be “forbidden fruit” because forbidden fruit invites trouble.

Here is a pamphlet Firearms Responsibility in the Home  from the National Shooting Sports Federation.

Children and Guns in the Home is by Ed Head.  He makes the important distinction between a Secured, an Unsecured and a Controlled firearm.

e eagleWhat about education for kids? These sites have safety videos for youngsters 5 to 12 years of age.  Watch them with your children.  The Eddie Eagle Program helps gun-proof your youngsters.  The National Shooting Sports Federation has two programs to offer.  The first is Project ChildSafe.  The second is a series of safety videos for kids include “McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety” (grades K-6).  The second video is “It’s Your Call: Playing It Safe Around Guns” (grades 6-9).

Here is another web page with a course outline if you’re going to educate your children about firearms.  It is called Save the Guns.

If your children can read on their own, then them the book, Safety On.

Help them understand why you carry a firearm by showing them the book, “Why Mommy Carries a Gun.”





Here is a list of activity study plans by the Boyscouts of America.  Daisy also has some educational materials for young shooters.

General Education-  Here are safety videos for adults with ”Firearms Safety Depends On You” (general audience) and “Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette” (general audience).

Here is a pamphlet Firearms Responsibility in the Home.  All are from the National Shooting Sports Federation.

Advanced Videos- Here are more free videos including the four rules of gun safety from Gunsite.  These are the rules that apply any time a gun is under your control.  These are lessons for  life.

wenger safetyAuthor and firearms instructor Stephen Wenger includes a fifth rule.  He also lists several other safety tips for new shooters going to the range.  This is one of the best safety briefings I’ve seen.  It is just right, not too short and not too long.   Experienced shooters try to limit their exposure to lead.  This is particularly important for women during pregnancy.  Give Stephen a read.

NRA safety information includes the four rules, the ten rules, and a parent’s guide to gun safety.  The ten rules include some background information like loading the correct ammunition for your firearm.  More instructional reference materials from the NRA are availiable here for young shooters.

Here is another list of the 10 rules of gun safety from the National Shooting Sports Federation.  There is a lot of distilled experience in the firearms community.  Each rule includes an expanded explanation that describes the extent and context of the rule.

Here is a bit of philosophy about gun safety and responsibility from a Rabbi with “The Five Kosher Rules of Gun Laws”

Here is a collection of 7 firearms safety videos from Midway USA.  Midway also has a number of videos, with several videos posted on Youtube.

Gun Talk TV has more advanced training videos under Gun Safety.  Many of them are free.

Rob Pincus is a nationally known trainer.  His video on the three rules of gun safety is worth watching.  Bob also has material at the Personal Defense Network.com.  Some of the articles and videos are free.

Here is the California state online firearms safety course required before to buy a firearm.  Some political correctness has crept into their presentation, but you have to pass the test if you live in that state.

Where can I go shoot?  The National Shooting Sports Federation has an updated list of ranges in your area.  They also have a phone app for that.  😉

Which gun is right for me?  This article describes what to look for when you buy your fist firearm.  Choosing the correct gun is as personal as selecting clothes or shoes, so no one else can do it for you.  How are you going to use your gun and how does it fit you?  This is a good article!Cat photo1

What about some person to person instruction?  We need to get you away from the computer screen and out to the firing range.  Here is another interesting article that puts firearms instruction and live training in perspective.  “Five Dirty Little Secrets about (Firearms) Instruction”.

This site links you to NRA firearms courses near you.  They offer a wide range of instruction.

Please comment if you watch the online material.  Other people can benefit from your opinion.


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